Mission Statement

Enlightened for Life is here to facilitate awakening to truth and liberation of personal bounderies from the conscious and unconscious mind. It intends to assist YOU to live with full awareness in the present, consequently becoming a flowing vessel to your life purpose. 

Grid Work – Group Healings

Adelaide & Sydney

Free yourself- Sessions

Wake up to the authenticity that screams inside of you. It is calling you to live like you have never before. 

All your needs are to be met, and yet it is valuable to actually understand what your true needs are.

The voices of personality and judgement are not you as your true, alive, and awakened self is moving fast in the present moment with the only purpose to fullfil the legacy of your quest.

Once all the other voices are not distracting anymore, freedom is upon you and your wildness won’t be tammed.


“Erika has opened a door for me and now the ride to the top has begun. However, Erika has made me see that there is no top, only infinite elevation.”

 Kamal Singh

“Since doing the sessions with Erika I have manifested to buy an investment property & a BMW, doing her sessions was the best decision I ever made.”

 Richard Carter


“Erika is the best life coach I ever met. She makes the bridge between vision and accomplishment! It’s so simple to achieve new levels of consciousness”

 Patrick Zucchetta


Rich with experience and free to be.

Enlightened for Life is glad to announce a new era for the message of compassion, balance and enlightenment through this channel. We will call the era of rising. This rising will reflect as a flow of videos with uplifting and thought provoking messages.