Enlightened for Life was founded in May 2016 as an expansion to Erika Laxis – Coaching services (www.erikalaxis.com), officially operating from October 22nd, 2012. This change represents the opening of the business for new coaches and styles, to provide our clients with a greater range of powerful tools to their self discovery and development.

The intention for this business is to assist the awakening of individual mastery and greater potential. Enlightened for Life’s coaches are pioneers on consciousness shifting, emotional intelligence and alternative healing and transformational techniques. They translate concepts from Law of Attraction, Law of Nature, Quantum Physics, Self Healing, NLP, Energy Drive, Meditation and Conscious Mastery into easy and efficient language to clients, assisting them to transform their belief systems. 

Enlightened for Life was founded by Consciousness Shift Facilitator, Emotional Intelligence Coach, writer, and inspirational speaker Erika Laxis. Erika is a self Development nerd who read her first Self Development book at the age of 8 (1992), “You can heal your Life” by Louise Hay, and up to the age of 10 she was an energetic healer for her mother’s friends and local community (Cuiaba, MT – Brazil). Furthermore, Erika developed an unlike curiosity towards different religions including spiritualism, Buddhism, and others. Meditation, and witch craft were her favorite activity as a teenager and she would heal her body solely through positive thinking. In 2004 Erika Immigrated with her mother to Australia and after a very intense depression crisis, she came across the teaching of Seth, Abraham Hicks and Ramtha which promoted her healing of early stages of cervical cancer, and severe aczma.

In 2006 Erika was introduced to the self-development industry by working at “Success and You” (which has now changed to eQ events) in Sydney. In that job she took her passion to self development to a new level, walking on fire, breaking wood like a samurai, walking throat first into a arrow, rising energy by crazy/euphoric dancing and manifesting through vision boards. Moreover, getting real insights of motivational focus work (its pros and cons) and what takes to make a living in the business world of Australia.

All her emotional, conscious and transformation efforts resulted in traveling to 20 different countries and over 400 towns and cities, all with great manifestations of self discovery and growth. In 2008, Erika attempted to infiltrate the acting world by moving to Los Angeles, yet when there her journey was guided to the spiritual side where she regularly attended Michael Beckwith’s spiritual center, spent her nights and weekends with the 5 rhythms’ groups, and followed the path less traveled into the Topanga’s sensual mountain Lion’s arms*.

Erika began to share her emotional intelligence and consciousness shifting knowledge as a freelance coach in 2009, she developed a technique called “energy Drive,” which still up to this day, blow the minds of those experiencing it. Her first client contacted Erika 3 days after she wrote a vision board check, entitled from “my first client.” After the first one she continued to manifest clients from visualization processes. In 2011, Erika created the first workshops in Los Angeles, and even though they small and cozy they sure brought those attending, powerful tools to help in their journey, while also presented enough challenges to understand what needed to change for the business to be viable.

In the beginning of 2012 she returned to Australia to officially started Erika Laxis coaching business. In Adelaide, she continued to work with clients from all over the world, while presenting over 120 events, writing articles for magazines (Magic Image – LA) and developing content for Enlightened for Life’s YouTube Channel.  Parallel to her self taught studies on Quantum Physics, Biology, Neuron Science, Philosophy, Spirituality, NLP, Unconscious and subconscious reprogramming, Erika added to her traditional education collection a “certificated IV in Small Business Management,” “Diploma in English Proficiency,” Diploma in Business,” “Advance Diploma in Marketing,” “Advance Diploma in Business,” “Advance Diploma in Advertisement.” All her efforts are directed to consistently improve Enlightened for Life’s clients experience with the service as it is in the content and techniques they receive from coaching sessions or the professional aspect of the business.

Anyone can become a master in their own lives, and create an extraordinary journey. Enlightened for Life – Erika Laxis Coaching Business aims to at all times maintain the up-most high quality service for our customers and strives to grow and expanding to consistently satisfy the future needs of those growing clients.

Enlightened for Life offer a high quality support service for individual or groups in desire to awaken their higher potential. Those services might come on the form of:

• Personal and customized one-on-one sessions (online & face-to-face)
• Live interactive Events
• Online seminars
• Cooperate improvement training
• Inspirational public speeches


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