Enlightened for Life facilitates consciousness shifting, self awareness and wholeness observation to those who would like to live in the present, in the truth and fullfil their inner calling.

Our main facilitator Erika works with people from all over the world on a one on one basis – from online sessions to face to face.

  • Release of emotional addictions
  • Deep Transformation
  • Mastering of the present and true awareness
  • Wholeness Observation*
  • Balance and harmonious conscious mind
  • Unconscious and subconscious awareness
  • Understanding craving and true desire
  • Exploration of the person beyond the character
  • Sensual freedom
  • Self Acceptation
  • Flowing with change
  • Liberation

Resulting in:

  • Improvement and change on Relationships
  • Work and careers that promotes fulfiment of life purpose
  • Health and vitality 
  • Sexual healing and liberation
  • Confidence and self realization
  • Easeness in life crisis 
  • Natural daily joyous attitute

*Wholeness observation

A new module for Enlightened for Life, which previously was dedicated to teach “Deliberate Creation” (first presented by Abraham Hicks). Creation of life must be understood for anyone to experience their participation in it. There are many levels to talk about the perception of self, yet to know thyself is to free oneself from what has been programmed to the raw, truest form of being. Deliberate creation previously presented was the work of the conscious mind and focus with the intention of setting the vibrational tone for the “wanted.” Meanwhile, wholeness observation is an original work, combining many especific understandings that makes it easier to navigate from all walks of life into the recognition of your purposeful path, while breaking free from the illusion of need into the acceptance of natural life’s gifts and flowing with what is already inside of your abundant and infinite self.

Wholeness Observation comes to provide release from the forced attempt to control reality and instead, promotes the pure state of honoring what is coming and using reality to grow and liberate from energetic knots also know as resistance and needy patterns, karmic bonds and traumatic codes, which are the vibrational signatures that keep on reflecting as:

  • Co-dependent relationships
  • Traumatic interactions
  • Failures (consistently experiencing close doors and giving up)
  • Career dissatisfaction
  • Regular Stress
  • Desease and body limitating conditions
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The Flowing Gift- One on one Special

Living life in truth and freedom  

4 sessions for only AU$399.99

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Return to self - One on One Special

1 hour in Truth- 1 hour in Life

5×1 hour sessions for AU$799.99

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Full Transformations

What is the Law of Attraction (also explained as the law of nature)? 

The Law of Attraction is an attempt to define the nature of life. Many people get distracted by it like they get distracted by trying to define God. In this video, you will see the basics of how it works. However, hopefully realize that how the universe works is truly not that relevant to our daily experiences, while how we feel, perceive and understand life in all aspects of our being  is relevant to what shows up as reality.

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