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January rebirth – Group Healing Adelaide

January 30 @ 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm UTC+0


Happy new YEAR and Welcome to the new, fresh and vital. 2018 has the potential of knocking your socks off, and we would like to invite you for an event that just might help you to embrace all the gifts, lessons and energetic movement of this year.

Collectively, we are moving into a much more unified field and this profound shift, will invite a higher state of connection to yourself and others. The era of soul mates are fading and this year you could be meeting your twin flame and your universal tribe.

This session will present body polarities techniques to assist a higher flow of energy through the body for a better integration and ascension to the heart chakra. This will make a massive difference on how you take on and deal with your life and others.

About the Facilitators
Erika Laxis

Consciousness shift Coach, Polarity healing facilitator* and Enlightened for Life founder.

Bridget Delahunty:

Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive healer and owner of Sanar Energy Healing http://www.facebook.com/sanarenergyhealing

Lisa Savchuk:

Artist, Earth Angel and Love/ light Facilitator http://www.instagram.com/whylizasavchuk/

This is a 180min session

Price: $25 or $30 at the door
Where: 310 South Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000
When: Tuesday, 30th of January, 2018
Arrive at 6:30 sharp, please
What to bring: a mat, cushion and whatever you need to be comfortable on the floor
Online registrations will close at 3:30pm on Tuesday, 30th of January.

Group Healing Adelaide


This is a 8 steps Journey!

This process is designed to feed light to your cells and DNA! We are talking about energy transfers and quantum connection.
The first step of this Journey is to “drop and release,” you will be asked to willingly release whatever is needed for your healing to happen, and to willingly serve others in their healing. This question will not only be asked to your “character self” but also to your higher self. Once you ready and willing, you will enter the second step on this journey.

This step moves you to the conscious bridge, where stillness and silence will help you to naturally rise to enter the tone of your true and unified self.

The third step is to bravely and curiously enter the 4 x 3 trinity field. That makes a 12 charged-channel to multiple levels of healing and awakening. Even though the principal energy you will be feeling comes from the 12 links of this charged- channel,  your body and multiple levels of your conscious will experience a much more complex channel. The emerging in this heart coherence connection will bring wonderful healing not only to yourself as you know you, but your subconscious layers and to you as a part of the collective conscious. Consequently, your presence is assisting a very big picture and facilitating light-love to get grounded on this plane.

On the fourth step you are asked to surrender into the inner child, where Bridget Delahunty(Reiki Practitioner and intuitive healer) Lisa Savchuk (Love and compassionate facilitator) and I (Erika Laxis) (polarity and integration healer) will be giving you three types of powerful healing. We will be holding the feminine and mother energy for you to heal any and all inner child traumas. You are invited to relax and to meditate as the deep you go within yourself the further you will recognise the gifts. Silence and awareness is requested on this step.

The firth step takes you will into the brother and sister tone of the 5th Dimension conscious of collaboration, and consequently into the oneness field. Here, as a group, you will collaborate for the wellbeing of the whole by facilitating release and charge of the chakras and the group body energetic field. The exchange is truly significant to your conscious, subconscious and super-conscious self.

The sixth step, you will embody the positive polarity conscious, which is mostly known as the father and divine Masculine, this is the directive and active energy that in potential can support and feed the planet with creative and alternative expression for win/win. This helm is the frequency of true abundance and if you do embrace it, it will change your financial life and self confidence.

The seventh step is integration of sound and movement, which supports the entire body to transport the information and code it with joy and creativity.

The eighth and final step of this journey is the love and goodwill transmission from the individual heart chakra. In this step we are to hug it out, love and wish each other well. It is a true love fest.

*Be aware you will be experiencing love and healing touch. This process is designed to promote full body, mind and spirit integration, ascension to the heart, and brain duality relief. This is an experiential session, most of the information will be given on a cellular and subconscious level. You will come out feeling lighter, more relaxed and truly centred.

Register online to save or simply come at 6:30pm if this calls you on the last minute.

Group Healing Adelaide


January 30
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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310 South Tce, Adelaide SA 5000
310 South Tce
Adelaide, South Australia 5000 Australia
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