Rise Energy Exercise

A moment of joy and celebration literally strengths the body; boosts immune system, improves blood circulation and assists digestion to name a few of the benefits. Here, is a lovely exercise to assist you to get more clarity of your life purpose, desire outcome and what it is already working in your life. Take your time and make the best of it.

I know a lot of us are into self development because we believe that is what it takes to manifest the things we desire. However, I would like to invite you to answer this exercise simply for the fun of contemplating what truly comes out when you allow yourself to be in appreciation and positive expectation.

Tips of how to get the best results from this exercise:

  • Take enough time and play with the details
  • If it feels really good that is a sign you are on the right track
  • If it feels bad, take a step back and notice what are you focus on
  • Use present, positive language to describe what you want ( I am, I have, I do, I love)
  • Let your inner child play and have fun without thinking of “how” it will come about
  • Surrender and release

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Define your life purpose?(required)

Choose one desire outcome (something tangible that you would like to manifest on the next few months), and in details explain it. Let your imagination and focus bring you a sensory experience. Use words like; I would feel, smell and hear (example; I am so excited my desire (name the desire) manifested and I celebrate with my loved ones. I hear them congratulating me, they say "you did it" repeatedly. It is so much fun) (required)

Finish the sentence, I feel awesome when...(required)

Finish the sentence, I feel love when... (required)

Describe what is working in your life right now, in details, explain all your victories, qualities and blessings(required)


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